Rosco Vision Systems

Commercial Vehicle Safety for All Fleets

Founded in 1907, Rosco, based in Jamaica, N.Y., is one of North America’s leading suppliers of backup camera systems, mirrors,visors, and other visual safety solutions to the worldwide commercial vehicle market. For over a century, Rosco’s vision has remained exceptionally clear.

They engineer and manufacture visual safety systems for all types of commercial fleet vehicles. The company is the largest supplier of mirror systems to the North American school bus market, selling to all major OEMs and parts distributors including Navistar/IC Corp., Freightliner/Thomas Built, Blue Bird, AM General, and many others.

Dual-Vision XC Continuous Recording System

Two cameras plus sharp technology equals our Dual-Vision recording system. It’s engineered to elevate fleet safety. The Dual-Vision XC is our signature line of continuous automotive event recorders (AER). The XC devices capture interior and exterior footage, supply GPS information, and offer instantaneous feedback to drivers. Choose the best Dual-Vision high capacity recording system for your fleet requirements. This sleek device is easily positioned on the interior windshield. It records audio and video in a 310° range and shares alerts with drivers in real time, such as when speed limits are surpassed. A continuous recording system for commercial vehicles allows fleet managers to monitor safe driving practices. It serves as a crucial training tool. Our Dual-Vision  AER models provide the digital footage that companies require, with as many as 160 recording hours available. They also assist commercial drivers in following federal laws regarding hand-held devices. Failure-to-comply fines negatively impact drivers and businesses, with potential fees in the thousands of dollars. Let Rosco products, from shuttle bus video recorders to ambulance cameras, provide real value for your organization. We specialize in compact recording devices for all types of fleet vehicles.

All Dual-Vision XC 3 models are Wi-Fi capable with the Auto Download System (ADS). The Dual-Vision ADS automatically downloads files from the Dual-Vision XC device to your computer via a Wi-Fi network connection at your vehicle depot. The process is as simple as configuring the Dual-Vision XC firmware to transfer its video files to a specific IP address where the ADS server resides. Once setup, the Dual-Vision XC will push video to the ADS as soon as it enters the Wi-Fi range eliminating the need to manually remove and download SD card data. ROSCO's ADS is perfect for applications where time is in short supply. ADS can be used with Rosco's DV-Pro database management system. Emergency response vehicles, truck fleets, charter buses, law enforcement, school buses, and public transit vehicles can all benefit from the software's ability to automatically download video to a central location.

Backup Camera Systems

Outfit Your Fleet with a Visual Safety Solution

Installing one of our backup camera systems in your vehicle improves the driver's visibility exponentially! With options including 4 camera inputs for multiple views around the vehicle, night vision, waterproof durability, and 120° field of vision, we have the system to meet you and your fleet’s needs! Rosco has you covered!

Wireless Camera Kits

Making Safety Even Easier

The Complete Wireless Kit can be used with most Rosco backup camera systems. The Wireless Kit eliminates the need for a hard-wired connection between the camera and monitor. The transmitter connects to the camera and will wirelessly transmit video and audio to the receiver, which then displays the image to the driver monitor.

Third Brake Light Camera Kits

Integrated Brake Light Backup Cameras for Sprinter, GM/Chevy Express & Nissan NV Vans

Enhance safety during reverse operations with a Rosco Integrated Break Light Backup Camera. With a seamless integration to the most popular work vans, these third brake light cams are a perfect addition without the aftermarket feel. 

Forklift Camera Kits

Equip Your Forklifts with a Backup Camera System to Ensure Safety Around Your Workplace

A forklift operator must multitask while maneuvering high powered equipment around cargo and also other workers around them. Using a Rosco backup camera system, ensure safety for those in and around the forklift at all times. 

Mirror / Monitor Kits

Enhance Safety with an Integrated Backup Safety System

These systems utilize an interior rearview mirror to display a 4.3" or 7" size images when the vehicle is in the reverse operation. The driver can have a clear view of what is behind the vehicle without an extra monitor to obstruct the forward view. Once the vehicle is shifted out of reverse, a normal full mirror view appears. With up to two camera inputs, drivers have the advantage of multiple views of the vehicle. Ideal for trucks, vans, and school buses. 

7" LCD Monitor Kits

Maximize your Vision with a 7" Backup Camera Kit

We cover safety at all angles! Choose from a variety of 7" LCD monitor kits that work reliably with all types of cargo or passenger vehicles. Each kit can accommodate up to 2 camera inputs for multiple views around your vehicle, reducing the risk of moving in reverse

5" LCD Monitor Kits

5" Monitor Backup Camera Systems | Rosco Backup Camera System

Be amazed by what you can see. The 5" monitor kits are compact and can multiple camera inputs. These 5” backup camera kits give the driver a clear view of what's going on behind the vehicle while reducing risk and improving safety. With versatile mounting locations on the dashboard, windshield or an overhead location, the 5" monitor kits are always a perfect fit! 

Low Mount Camera Kits

Increase Visibility with a Seamless Low Mount Camera System

Adding vision and convenience, low mount camera kits offer the advantage of discreet placement with added safety. Providing 1/3" CCD camera gives a 120° or higher wide-angle view behind the vehicle. These versatile cameras can be used with both the mirror/monitor and monitor only systems

High Mount Camera Kits

See Everything with a Rosco High Mount Backup Camera Kit

No work vehicle is complete without a high mounted camera. Increase visibility and protect your fleet against theft and liability with one of Rosco's high mounted camera kits. These camera kits provide the driver with a clear, crisp aerial view behind the vehicle. It also records an invaluable visual display of what is being loaded and unloaded in the vehicle- essential for fleet managers!

License Plate Camera Kits

Safety Backup Your Vehicle with a License Plate Camera Kit

Rosco's rear view license plate camera kits provide the driver with a 180° wide and crisp view of what is behind the vehicle. The simple and convenient design seamlessly fits over your rear license plate, allowing the camera to be installed on the existing license plate holes of the vehicle. 

Heated Camera Kits

Add One of Our Heated Backup Camera Kits for a Durable All Weather Safety Solution

Rosco’s heated cameras have the ability to perform in all types of weather. These heavy duty heated cameras function optimally to provide the clearest view in the wettest, coldest conditions. Ideal for commercial vehicles, these heated cameras provide extra reliability on the job site!

Backup Cameras

Safety Starts with a Rear View Camera

We cover all the safety angles. So look to Rosco when a rear view mirror with a backup camera for commercial vehicles is required. Replace a standard rearview mirror with one that displays an LCD monitor as soon as the vehicle is shifted into reverse. Or install a rearview mirror backup camera that delivers an unobstructed view of what’s behind the vehicle even when it’s dark outside! We have sturdy, weatherproof rear view camera and monitor kits featuring night vision. Our design process generates products that are highly effective in commercial driving situations. Isn’t it time to eliminate backup blind spots and improve visibility dramatically with Rosco rear view camera systems?

Backup Monitors

Be Amazed by What you Can See

Rosco backup monitors install easily on the dashboard, windshield or overhead. Drivers gain a clear image, free of blind spots. In addition to camera systems, we design truck, bus, RV and cargo van mirrors. With reliable vision equipment, large vehicles are more easily maneuvered. So let our rearview camera support teams customize the best vision safety solution for your fleets