Zetron Dispatch Consoles

Zetron equips communications centers with some of the most flexible and capable communications control systems available ... anywhere. At their fingertips, operators have the means to manage an entire network of critical radio and telephone communications.

MAX Call Taking

MAX Call Taking is a Next Generation 9-1-1 solution designed with the telecommunicator in mind. The rich feature set is specifically engineered and built for Emergency Call Center applications of all sizes. Through its configuration tools, MAX Call Taking can be customized to meet your agencies current and future call handling needs. It supports enhanced location services, enabling accurate locations for wireless callers regardless of what NG9-1-1 migration phase you’re in.


MAX Call Taking Management Information System (MIS) augments the MAX Call Taking platform by providing a cost optimized means for doing call analysis and producing reports based on Call Data Records (CDRs). MAX Call Taking MIS allows you to run canned reports, create ad-hoc reports, and export and share reports.


MAX Computer Aided Dispatch (MAX CAD) helps public safety answering points (PSAPs), emergency services dispatchers and first responders provide real-time incident management for improving overall situational awareness. Scalable to support consolidation, multi-jurisdiction, and multi-agency deployments.  MAX CAD integrates into the NG-911 environment and can accommodate future consolidation through its scalable architecture.  As the number of communities and agencies served by the PSAP increase, MAX CAD provides support for multi-jurisdiction and multi-agency workflows.

MAX GIS Mapping

Zetron’s MAX GIS Mapping is an ESRI-based map viewer providing map-editing and publishing applications along with an optional AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) module to improve GIS file management. Operate MAX GIS as a standalone map viewer using ANI/ALI information to display an active accident or integrate GIS with an active CAD incident and historical database. This integration automatically maps the active CAD incident, allowing dispatchers to deliver routing information and other critical information to field personnel.

MAX Dispatch

MAX Dispatch is a versatile software based dispatching & alerting console system for managing your radio and telephony operations while additionally managing robust alerting capabilities for fire stations or remote agencies.  It effectively enables command and control operators to simultaneously talk to local and geographically dispersed users.  Whether you’re in the control center or out in the field, you’re connected. The MAX Dispatch modern architecture enables your teams to cross radio & telephony technology boundaries easily providing unparalleled situational awareness to first responders.

MAX Fire Station Alerting

Zetron’s MAX Fire Station Alerting is designed to meet the extraordinary demands of fire houses today and into the future.  Our unique approach of extending our MAX Dispatch console with additional alerting, acknowledgement, and auxiliary I/O communication capabilities provides your operation with cost effective way of integrating dispatching and fire station alerting together as a single integrated solution.  Standardize your fire stations on a platform that can provide fast, dependable, usable information from the dispatch center.

VoIP Radio Dispatch System

Interoperable IP Standards

Zetron's VoIP Radio Dispatch System (RDS) is a pure, end-to-end VoIP radio dispatching solution designed for applications requiring dispatcher access of multiple radios from geographically diverse, remote or backup locations. It is ideal for public & private utilities and air & rail transportation companies, whose radio networks and dispatching points are spread out. The architecture of the system makes it inherently distributed, avoiding the requirement to concentrate equipment in a single vulnerable site. The VoIP RDS is available in configurations that assure the high voice quality required for mission-critical communication. A P25 option is available, which supports AFSI, DFSI, and CSSI gateways. See P25 VoIP RDS spec sheet for details.

Acom Command-and-Control Communications

Acom’s end-to-end digital architecture integrates voice (radio and telephone), data, paging and video transmitted over a LAN or a Web browser to provide unmatched flexibility and ease of use. Operating on a local-area or wide-area backbone, a single Acom switch can support large-capacity, region-wide or country-wide dispatch systems.

Highly interoperable with radio
Acom’s high degree of interoperability supports communications across a wide spectrum of radio bands and dissimilar communications interfaces, including P25, OpenSky®, iDEN®, TETRA, EDACS®, SMARTNET®, SmartZone®, MPT 1327 and LTR®. This ensures that agencies with diverse radio equipment can communicate.

Full-featured, easy-to-integrate telephony package
Acom offers a feature-rich telephony communications package. This includes functionality that integrates with standard analog subscriber and exchange ports as well as ETSI ISDN and E1 QSig.

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