Tait Communications

Tait understands the importance of secure communications and are experts at delivering encryption to improve the safety of first responders. FIPS 140-2 certified encryption can be delivered to radios in the field by the Key Fill Device or with Over-the-Air Rekeying (OTAR) via the Key Management Facility, enabling operational flexibility and ensuring only the right people take the right calls.

Exceptional usability

From an intentionally firm volume control to prevent accidental bumps and knocks, to dual-shot molding for durability, Tait portable radios are skilfully designed for the challenging environments of emergency responders. The range of different options—custom head colors, dual-heads, hand-held control head and remote installation options—enable users to design the best setup for their needs.

We design and deliver communications systems that deliver optimum coverage to on-hip portables, ensuring that officers can communicate in critical situations that develop away from the patrol vehicle. The radios also have a unique and patented battery clasp mechanism that eliminates any threat of the battery dislodging if a radio is dropped.

Interoperable and compliant

We ensure that our products meet regulatory compliance standards and interoperability tests, enabling you to upgrade and expand your fleet when you have funds available.

The Department of Homeland Security recommends that agencies - especially those receiving federal grants for interoperable communications - purchase equipment that has passed P25 CAP testing. Our P25 base stations, portables and mobiles have been tested in the P25 compliance assessment program with other leading manufacturers. This also means that a Tait solution will work seamlessly with a state-wide network and other P25 compliant products and networks.

Future-proof investment

Tait P25 solutions are a future-proof investment because of the network's digital backbone and compliance with the FCC's 12.5 kHz narrowbanding requirements. Our P25 solutions can be migrated from analog to digital when budget and needs permit, and then on to future advancements of the technology for the best spectral efficiency.

Complete solutions

We take the time to understand your challenges in order to deliver the best solution for your needs. Tait engineers design, deploy and support our communications solutions, and we work with the best technology partners to provide third-party applications that work seamlessly with Tait solutions.