Vehicle Build-Out Services

Public Safety Vehicle Build Out Services

Northeast Communications is a leading provider of vehicle upfitting and vehicle build outs for local and state public safety agencies, and municipalities. Northeast Communications has trained technicians that are familiar and proficient with all the various makes and models of police, fire and EMS vehicles including those involved in undercover and covert operations. NCI partners with top-of-the-line manufacturers of public safety products so as to bring our customers the highest quality.

We provide new vehicle build-outs along with vehicle swap services. Swap services include the exchange of old equipment for new and removal and re-installation from older vehicles to newer models.

Our custom installation services include;

  • Computer Mounts
  • Consoles
  • Gunlocks and Gun Racks
  • Light-bars
  • Push Bumpers
  • Secure K-9 Cages
  • Secure Prisoner Partitions
  • Secure Storage
  • Sirens

American Aluminum Accessories, Inc.

American Aluminum manufactures a wide variety of product lines including Inmate Transport Systems, K-9 Training Aids, K-9 Inserts, Contraband Containment and Animal Control Systems designed to meet the ever-changing needs of the Public Safety Community.

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For over 80 years, Havis has been a trust manufacturer supporting the public safety sector’s in vehicle needs. Havis’ expansive product line includes vehicle consoles, heavy duty mounts, computer docking stations, power management solutions, as well as, prisoner and K9 Transports. Havis prides itself on working with the customer to provide quality solutions to solve diverse challenges in the field.

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Santa Cruz

For more than 30 years, Santa Cruz Gunlocks, has been providing easy to use Gun Lock Solutions to the Law Enforcement Community. Working continuously to engineer their products to optimize the accessibility and ease of deployment, enhanced theft protection as well as, firearm retention during collisions.

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Setina Manufacturing Company, Inc. founded in 1963 by John R. Setina. Mr. Setina has been a leading manufacturer of Officer safety vehicle solutions including Prisoner Partitions, Push Bumpers, Door Guards and Window Barriers as well as in car Equipment and Electronics Storage for over 50 years. Setina uses the latest in Computer Assisted Design technology to keep up with today’s ever-changing automotive world.

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Soundoff Signal

SoundOff Signal, a Leader in Emergency Vehicle Safety Solutions, originating in 1992 and based out of Michigan, has been providing High Quality emergency vehicle LED lighting and siren solutions for over 25 years. Paired with their Siren and Light controllers they provide a solution to any of the end users needs. Though Soundoff Signal is known for their high-quality products in the Emergency Vehicle world, they are also known as the primary provider of OEM school bus warning lights helping to keep our children safe on daily basis.

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Troy Products

Since 1991, Troy Products has been designing and manufacturing products for use in mobile applications. Primary markets served by Troy Products include law enforcement, public safety, utilities, military, federal and transportation. With on-site engineering and manufacturing capabilities, Troy Products is poised to provide its customers with the largest assortment of mobile consoles, mounts, panels and storage from a single source.

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TruckVault is an American born company united in providing secure in-vehicle storage systems for all of life's demands. With agile product development, unrivaled craftsmanship and zealous customer service. TruckVault delivers value and quality that ensures trust.

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Westin Public Safety is a division of Westin Automotive Products that specializes in protective and functional vehicle equipment for the public safety sector. Included in their public safety line are cages, push bars, equipment storage and Auxiliary LED light bars. Offering the best in front end safety equipment, their push bars are proven to maintain vehicle integrity and stand up to rigorous testing and real-life front-end collision situations.

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Founded in 1952, Whelen designs and manufactures reliable and powerful warning lights, white illumination lighting, sirens, controllers, and high-powered warning systems for Automotive, Aviation, and Mass Notification industries worldwide.

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